Prof.Dr. Mark Zheleznyak

Model based systems for decision support  on offsite nuclear emergency management : development and implementation – Chernobyl accident and Fukushima accident

Prof. Dr. Volodymyr AUSHEV

Building long-term bridges in education, training and research in nuclear power and nuclear/high energy physics with Turkish universities.

Prof. Dr. Volodymyr Koval

NATIONAL TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF UKRAINE «Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute»

Prof. Dr. Yevgen Pysmennyy

Education of NPP Operators and Specialists on Nuclear Safety and Security at the Heat and Power Engineering Faculty

Prof. Dr. Serhii Nesterenko

Odessa National Polytechnic University

Prof. Dr. KRAVCHENKO Volodymyr

Odessa National Polytechnic University

Prof. Dr. Niyazi Meric

Türkiye’de Nükleer Fizik Eğitimi ( Educationin NuclearPhysicsin Turkey)

Prof. Dr. İsmail Boztosun

Educationin Nuclear & relatedfieldsof Turkey: What should R&D Policybe?

Prof. Dr. Ayhan Yılmazer

Hacettepe University Nuclear Energy Engineering Department (HUNEM)

Prof. Dr. Fatma Onaran

Türkiye’de Nükleer Fizik Eğitimi

Doç. Dr. Tuncay Bayram

Sinop University Department of Nuclear Energy Engineering

H.E. Dr. Sergiy Korsunsky

Chernobyl and Fukushima

Oleg Nasvit

Safety culture as a key issue for provision of the safe use of atomic energy

Oleksii Dybach


Oleh Rogojnikov

Functioning of Training Centre at Zaporizhzhya NPP:International Cooperation Programs and Summer Nuclear Schools

Tetiana Kutuzova

Emergency preparedness and response in case of nuclear and radiological events  on-site or off-site  and
the experience of RODOS system application